Thursday, May 10, 2012

On reaching New Jersey

Wednesday, May 2:  When I got up this morning I checked the radar and saw showers coming. The rain started soon after sunrise, so I took my time getting ready.  The rain kept getting stronger.  Soon it was 10AM and raining harder than ever.  Still the radar showed the end in sight, so I chose to wait it out.  I picked up my sewing kit and finally sewed my ATC Life Member patch onto a hat.
It was 12:30PM before I hit the trail, and it was still drizzling.  The drizzle never completely stopped all day, and the temperature only dropped - upper 50's at noon, low 50's by sunset.  And the mountains above about 1000 feet were shrouded in fog all day - what a contrast from yesterday!

Still I got to see everything that was worth seeing.  I finished up Pennsylvania with a walk across the I-80 bridge after a visit - just a few blocks of road walking - through the town of Delaware Water Gap (Deer Head Inn shown at left) and a climb back up into the fog on Mt. Minzi.

But Lookout Rock was beneath the base of the clouds, so the views were there for the taking.

Late in the afternoon I made my first serious foray into New Jersey, hiking the heavily used trail up to Sunfish Pond - about four miles from the Dunnfield Natural Area parking lot.  Fog encased me and this special body of water into a mutual cocoon.  I had the entire place to myself this early evening.  The wind calmed and the Wood Thrushes began to sing.  Even though I couldn't see all there was to see (the other side was a dim shadow), I knew that I was being granted a special gift.  I can keep this treasure of memories forever; and best of all I'll be back again tomorrow.

Pictures below are from the south end, the middle and the north end.


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  1. Hey seeks it!!! Looks like you are continuing to make steady progress. I'm nearing NJ myself :). If you are still planning on trail days, do you think there is any way I could catch a ride? I'd be more than happy to split fuel costs. My email is bethann (dot) swartz (at) gmail (dot) com or phone 978 979 0079