Friday, February 13, 2015

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EDEN'S WOMB novel series:

An epic sci-fi/fantasy tale set in the far distant future.
Homo sapiens has disappeared.  Six successor species vie for control of the planet.
Up in Heaven, the spirit world is disrupted by the unexpected return of the long-absent mega-spirit Naja.

Naja takes control in the Pantheon of the Gods
and on Earth she chooses an unlikely 'Final Messiah', Adam TimberFell,
who she hopes will do her bidding and rescue his dwindling species from imminent extinction.

But neither Adam, nor many of his Ancestor spirits are cooperating.
Naja is growing increasingly desperate.
If Adam doesn't succeed, it is not just his species that will fail,
the entire universe would be destroyed.

Return of Naja, Book I
Lonely Lessons, Book II
The Copper Curse, Book III
The Preserve: e-book for Kindle, 99 cents.

Through Heaven's Gate, Book VI

Through Heaven's Gate: e-book for Kindle, 99 cents.

The six books of the Eden’s Womb tale are really one immense story, so don't expect closure at the end of each book. Many plot lines are left unresolved until the big climax at the end of Book VI.

In the first book, Return of Naja we are introduced to the Goddess/Spirit named Naja who takes the form of a serpent and calls herself 'StrongMother'.

She claims she gave birth to the universe - big claim. She scoffs at the Judeo-Christian 'God', declaring that he can't be the Creator because "Whoever heard of a man giving birth to anything, let alone a universe?" She claims that this God, Yahweh, is actually the fallen Angel we know as Satan, that he gave her the image problem when he cursed the serpent for giving Eve the fruit of knowledge. She claims that the fruit was essential to the full functioning of a meaningful universe. (It would be boring without free will.) And she backs up her claim by noting that God set this trap in the middle of the Garden of Eden knowing full well that humans would take the bait, and yet God refuses to take responsibility for the resulting 'Fall'.

In 'Eden's Womb' the real 'God' - the 'Big Guy' - appears to stand aside and let this upstart Naja have her way. After all, the 'My God is bigger than your God' sort of ultimate God doesn't have the existential angst that Naja seems to have.

Meanwhile we have a young mortal human, just seventeen, who is privy to all the debate and consternation going on in the Pantheon of the Gods/Angels. Adam can hear every one of their voices. Unfortunately he can't filter their conflicting messages, so they're driving him crazy. He's hearing messages that this Naja wants him to become 'King of the Universe.' His reaction: "If somebody came up to you and told you that they were hearing voices in their head, and that those voices were telling him that he is a King, would you believe them?"

No way. Adam rejects it all. All he wants is to be normal and to be rid of the barrage of Voices in his head. Yet all the signs point to the truth of his calling, and Naja isn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

So this sets the stage for some fun, some exploration of ideas of cosmic proportions, and an epic quest to save humanity from extinction and rescue the dying universe itself.

Enjoy - and don't be shy.  Let me know what you think.  Your input can make a difference.  There will be updates, second editions, as I intend to tweak some plot elements, add some additional detail, appendices, etc.



  1. Just checking in periodically as to how your writing journey is doing.
    Who does your book covers?


    1. Hey Danny -

      These covers are my own production.

  2. I decided to get all six at once. Sci-fi/Fantasy series from a hiker seems like a safe bet!

    1. This is Nightwalker/Frank Looper, BTW, a new friend on Facebook. I'm looking forward to the read!

    2. Hey Nightwalker - thanks a bunch! You'll find that there's an AT connection in the books. More than just the setting of the city of 'DunCanon', some of the action takes place on the distant future Appalachian Trail. That's in Book Six. Enjoy.