Friday, May 25, 2012

How it should always be

A state of serenity captured on 'film', perfect weather to be outdoors. 8AM Friday, May 18, 2012 - nobody around - atop Bear Mountain. Let it always be this way.
Perfect trail. 800 half-ton granite steps and thousands of hours of volunteer labor have turned a rocky eroded mess into the apotheosis for the whole trail. Let it someday be so. *Please* take note, custodians of the section of trail between Newfound Gap and Charlie's Bunion. (Should Mahoosuc Notch be thusly tamed? Let the debate begin.)
Available to all. This view is handicapped accessible. Whenever I open my eyes, let me behold such beauty.
Ultra-light, ultra fit. 'Swivel' and 'Spiral' left Springer March 20th and they're already here on Bear Mountain. I shared the descent of the 800 granite steps with them. Fit when they started, well equipped, determined. Let every prospective thru-hiker follow their example, and godspeed to them.
And finally, let every AT road crossing come equipped with a 24 hour full service deli and pizza shop.


There are many, many more photos from today's interesting trek through Bear Mountain Park, etc.  The map below shows my route and the title line is a link to the other photos:

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