Monday, May 7, 2012


Not in Kansas anymore? Couldn't tell it from today's trail. (Today being Sunday, April 29th)

Nine miles of trail, to be exact, extending from Little Gap northward not quite to the Leroy Smith Shelter.

Yes, the climb out of Little Gap is steep and rocky.  You cross about a mile of intermittent rocks at the outset.  But then you hit the flats.  There's one side trail to the view shown above (view of the flat lowlands) but otherwise you're in the 'green tunnel', and most of the time you can't tell you're on a ridge.

So for the next eight miles, you might as well be in Kansas.  I've been in Kansas.  It's no flatter than this section of trail.  Pennsylvania is flat.  What's more, there were no rocks to speak of - just a few little patches.  So it was not only flat, it was smooth: Flatsylvania at its finest.

And that leaves little else to say.  It was a beautiful cool day with wall-to-wall sunshine, as you can see from the photo.  The notable highlights along the trail were few and far between - just a few trail intersections and campsites.  Oh ... and this little landmark - the 'tree of many faces':

It left me with a smile, hope it did the same for you.

Here's a map showing the course of today's hike.  The link in the title takes you to more photos:

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