Friday, May 18, 2012

On leaving New Jersey

Thursday, May 10, 2012:  It was a 9-day state, and the north half was some of the most fun hiking I've had, because of the constant variety - something new and different every mile or two.

In the morning I hiked a leg through Wawayanda State Park, where the trail takes you past this charming little lake.

Then the entry into New York state happens on a glacier scoured bedrock spine that the trail follows for miles.  It's difficult trail to negotiate because of the small scrambles up and down and over and across the variable bedrock surface.

But this exposed ridge walking - Bellvale Mountain - also offers great views of Greenwood Lake.  Here are two views.  The view below is from Prospect Rock:
The people stories were abundant today as well. Early in the morning I met Lyle for the 8th or 9th time, and probably the last. I finally got his picture.

And at the state line marker I met 'Chief' the toy boxer and 'Chief Daddy', an outfitter, guide, 2008 AT thru hiker and 2010 PCT thru-hiker. He's from Atlanta but now lives in Manhattan and was just out doing some circuit hikes locally. While we chatted two young guys arrived, and they turned out to be doing thru-hikes. 'Goose' and 'Blue Grass' and I passed and talked twice more today, and although I gave them a send-off as if I'd not see them again, I may cross paths with them tomorrow or the next day. They were headed down to Greenwood Lake village to resupply, and I forgot to ask whether they were taking a zero tomorrow or headed right back up the trail. I do hope to meet them again - they seemed well-grounded and all-around pleasant young men.

Did that description of those early-20's-ish guys make me sound old? Well, I felt old by the end of today. The hiking was especially physically demanding - I wasn't able to log the miles I had planned - had to turn around to avoid hiking in the dark 1/3 mile short of my target.

But with a good night of sleep, I'll be fully recovered by morning, as always, and ready to hit the rest of that bedrock ridge-spine walk and whatever else the AT has to offer down the trail.


Here's the track of today's hike, with an extraneous straight line connecting two parking spots.  I wish I could expunge that line, but don't know how.  There's a link to more photos too:

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