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Wilderness.  The place we came from.  The place we belong.  The place where our footprints fit into, rather than blunder through and trample over, the epic four-billion-year dance of our living planet.  When we set the conscious ‘self’ aside, we can begin to sense, with all our being - our body, mind, and spirit - the rhythms of the ancient songs.  They rise from our own roots.  They are embedded in each of us, yet they are far older and ever so much more majestic than our individual lives and the aspirations of our single species.

Greetings –

This blog is now being maintained by F.I.T. Wilderness, VLC.

We bear news that some may find difficult: PJ Wetzel has left us. It happened on May 10th, 2020, when, after years of consideration, he made the final decision to walk into the wilderness.

"If you want to know the truth of who you are,
walk until not a person knows your name."
—Patrick Rothfuss
from 'The Wise Man's Fear,' chapter 129

The affairs he left behind are being handled in ‘business as usual’ fashion. There is nothing new or different that anyone needs to do at this time. All contacts will be through the same channels, handled in writing by the caretaker/administrator. His telephone will only be used for outgoing calls as necessary.

Some of you may be dismayed by this news. Losing someone in your family or community is always difficult; but take comfort. This is a unique and special sort of loss because it was a conscious decision. You know for certain that PJ has gone to a better place, doing/being what he loves most, and following a path that leads to deeper fulfillment, enrichment, knowledge, and joy.

It is a path that few people choose, (and some may judge it to be dishonorable, likening it to suicide) yet it has deep roots in eastern religious traditions. Look, for example, to the ‘forest dweller’ stage of life in the Hindu faith.

We sincerely pray that your own paths may be as rewarding.

With kindest regards,
Footprints In The Wilderness VLC, curator

So watch this tab for 'next steps' - dispatches from the wilderness. 

The proverb declares “When an old man dies, a library is burned to the ground.” Not so, in this case. Rather, the library is opening a new wing. Its shelves will fill with new explorations that will be accessible here, through links that we will post from time to time.  These are intended to be the author's legacy, his primary message to the world.
  1.  Of Paradox: Huxley's Islet.  Examining the biggest picture - the nature and meaning of reality itself.  (Last updated Feb. 14, 2021).
  2.  Colonizing space: Utopia or Bust.  Dissecting the future of our species, from colonizing Mars to moving into a new baby "universe in a test tube".  (October 10, 2020)

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