F.I.T. Wilderness

Wilderness.  The place we came from.  The place we belong.  The place where our footprints fit into, rather than blunder through and trample over, the epic four-billion-year dance of our living planet.  When we set the conscious ‘self’ aside, we can begin to sense, with all our being - our body, mind, and spirit - the rhythms of the ancient songs.  They rise from our own roots.  They are embedded in each of us, yet they are far older and ever so much more majestic than our individual lives and the aspirations of our single species.

(updated 25 July 2022)

On May 10th, 2020, not coincidentally as Covid was raging, I made a commitment to walk away from my entanglements with society and civilization and head into the woods for a while (just like Thoreau did, but more modeled after the Hindu tradition of the "forest dweller" stage of life).  Two years later, having set a whole lot of 'Footprints in the Wilderness', I'm back in contact with civilization again and hoping to share the discoveries I've made.

"If you want to know the truth of who you are,
walk until not a person knows your name."
—Patrick Rothfuss
from 'The Wise Man's Fear,' chapter 129

I've not only learned more about who I am, but also have gained a much deeper connection with nature, with wild and unspoiled places.  It was a pilgrimage with no fixed destination, but with a very clearly defined goal, exemplified by the photo up top and its associated embedded text and caption.

I come back to share the experiences and to advocate for people to look to nature for the solutions to our society's problems, rather than always trying to push nature aside.

Looking to nature necessarily means finding the wild places that are left and spending time there.  It means more than just sitting on a park bench, though.  True immersion in the wild requires our species to be in motion.  Get out there and walk!

More to come.  Stay tuned.

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