Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tales of life and love in the old west

Day Unto Day
"I never dreamed I could do writing 'for real.' It was a source of comfort in times of stress and chaos, even when my characters were ornery and, refusing to do what I told them, went their own ways into situations I would never have willingly led them.  I told them so, but they wouldn't listen."    - Louise Lenahan Wallace

 Successful author Louise Lenahan Wallace
 Louise Wallace began writing as a young mother more than a quarter century ago.  Now, after winning a number of awards, her latest novel "Day Unto Day" has been published by All Things That Matter Press.

Alexander Graham Bell and sign language: a life-altering "partnership"? What in intriguing teaser!  You can read an except from "Day Unto Day" here.

"Day Unto Day" is Louise's fourth novel, the first of which was published in 2000.  Each book follows on the last, and combines events from her own family's past with historical events, particularly the Civil War.


This is the seventh of a short series of Author profiles that features fellow authors in the All Things That Matter Press family.

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