Sunday, January 8, 2012

The day in pictures

Day 8 dawned sunny and frosty and calm. Sinking Creek Valley was the venue - hiking up to the ridge on either side. My first encounter of note this morning was the massive Keffer Oak. It's one of the largest trees along the entire trail, and I love the detail that the bright sun and lack of leaves brings out. Just wish that stupid telephone line wasn't in the way (can you see it?)

When I reached the top of Sinking Creek Mountain, this is the vista that awaited me from the power line clearing.

By the time I was back down in the valley and crossing to the other side, the weather was warm, still sunny, and still calm - ideal for walking the rural pasture land. I really enjoy these pasture walks, perhaps because they're so rare compared to the miles of woodland trekking.

Finally by mid-afternoon I reached Kelly Knob on the other side of the valley, where I turned around for the day. Cloud had moved in by then. Here's the view.

There on Kelly Knob I had a nice conversation with four young ladies, all Veterinary Students at Virginia Tech in nearby Blacksburg. They were out enjoying their last day of 'freedom' before classes begin tomorrow. I asked them if anything interesting was going on in town this coming week. Nothing ... except ... well, you're doing it - it seems Virginia Tech is a place you go if you like to hike!!!

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  1. Yes, I noticed the telephone line after staring at the tree for a few moments. Lovely pictures, please show one of the sun rising or setting...