Thursday, August 17, 2017

Superior hiking

The lake, that is.  I arrived at Lake Superior at the unusually named Naomikong Overlook.

It inspired a flight of fancy in my peculiar head, as unusual names often do, given lots of time in a quiet woods.

When Larry King
Met Naomikong
They had a kid
And things went wrong.
The tragic end
was sealed the day
That big bad kid
Met fair Fay Wray.

Okay, back to reality.

It was lakeside hiking at its unbridled best. 

I met another fine vista at every turn. 

After a day of rain when the rad-and-ready Hat 47 only got to pose with rain clouds,

Simple old Hat 48 got to bask in cool lake breezes and sunshine.

But was it this cool?  Leaves turning before the middle of August?

I think not.  It seems to be a reaction these trees were having to the unusually wet summer.  This wetland was especially full of red maples turning color.

The day ended when I turned away from the lake and headed up the Tahquamenon River.  Another mind-achingly complex Ojibwa name.

The destination is Tahquamenon Falls.  One of the must-see Michigan Upper Peninsula destinations.  Watch for that report coming soon to a blog near you.

Here's the GPS track screen shot of my first day alongside Lake Superior.  Many more to come.

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