Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Washington's original Monument

Tuesday, October 23, 2012:

Built in 1826, this venerable old monument, resembling a silo/furnace stack was the first, far predating the famous obelisk on the DC mall.  And this one suffered no damage from last year's 5.6 earthquake.

The view from the top on this mild fall day wasn't bad, either:

It was a 20 mile day, lots of easy trail, and I crossed over I-70 on the AT-dedicated footbridge - probably the best example of the AT in a steel cage/tunnel:

As you see, fall color was resplendent even on this cloudy day.  But it's waning fast - such ephemeral beauty just once a year - ahhh, how the long absence 'makes the heart grow fonder' ...


Here's the map of today's hiking route, and a link to more photos:

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  1. My heart was warmed to see you pass through this area of MD.
    I am thrilled you could see such beautiful fall color. You're in my thoughts daily!! :)