Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maryland's Best Viewpoint

Wednesday, October 24, 2012:

This is Black Rock Cliffs.  It may not have the best view in Maryland.  The best view, in my opinion, is of the Potomac River at Weverton Rocks.  But here, much like at McAfee Knob, the viewpoint is as much a part of the attraction as the distant scene.  Here the rocks have character on their own - photogenic appeal like no other place in Maryland.

Today I revisited this spot and explored the three main viewpoints in more depth.  Then it was on north, all the way to Raven Rocks Hollow at MD 491.  On the way I was treated to another Maryland best, and my other most favorite place in the state.  Here a significant trail reroute done about a decade ago allows you a peaceful pasture walk alongside Pleasant Valley Road:

It was a warm, almost summer-like day, and although it meant a bit of sweaty hiking on the climbs, I thoroughly enjoyed it because there may not be another day this warm the rest of the year.

As you can see, the hillsides have gone from predominantly green to brown and yellow in less than a week.  Peak leaf color has come and gone and the trail is littered with new leaves now, hiding rocks, even making the treadway itself hard to locate in a few places.  And each step brings the distinctive shuffle and crunch of fresh fallen leaves.  There's even a distinctive smell - brings back fond childhood memories from southeast PA of leaf raking and frolicking in the accumulated piles.  A special time of year.


Here's the map of today's hike and a link to more photos:

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