Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going from A to B ...

... is decidedly NOT what this journey is all about.  It's "B-ing" at A.  Living the moment every step of the way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012:

Today's best "A points", from South to North:  First I got to return to Cold Mountain for a morning view.

Hog Camp Gap's great meadows were showing some fall color.  It's 3500 feet elevation, remember.

Tar Jacket Ridge has a nice open summit too, full of abundant wood asters ...

... and offering this view of The Priest, where I'll be tomorrow:

Then there's the view from Wolf Rocks - needed a little rock scrambling to get here, but the red berry clusters on the sumac made the scene:

Hiked more than 20 easy miles - not a lot of elevation gain - and made it as far north as Spy Rock Road, which most people still know as Fish Hatchery Road.  On the way back it clouded up and rained a little - an isolated patch of very light showers that were not in the forecast and barely damped the ground or the spirits.  I'm truly loving being in this part of the country at this beautiful time of year.  I'm totally biased, since this is home territory and the part of the AT that I'm most familiar with (and hiked first), but this is my favorite part of the Appalachian Trail ...

But as I hiked today, I was also reminiscing about Maine and thinking a lot about my trail friends, "X and N Trovert", because I knew they were climbing Katahdin today and finishing their thru-hike, which they started April 11th, and which I've been following every step of the way.  Congratulations to my brother's buddy's little sister and her husband Woody!


Below is the map of today's hike, with a link to more photos:

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