Thursday, September 20, 2012

Touching home base

Thursday, September 13, 2012:

On today's agenda I had a few last chores to wrap up in Maryland, and then the most important reason for being here - a reunion and wonderful visit with my kids.  We had a great dinner at Red Lobster and then dessert at Tutti Fruiti.  We talked and talked, catching up on news - both my son and daughter have started new jobs, and are getting their first real taste of what it means to be 'grown up', or at least to be out in the 'real world'.  They're enjoying the experience.  We've been staying in touch by phone, of course.  But there's just something about 'Face Time' that has no substitute.

Thankfully, now I'll be hiking much closer to home and will be back to visit much more regularly.  I intended to have the waiter take a photo or two of us while we were at the restaurant, but in the joy of the visit, that completely slipped my mind.  So today's post is short and without visible color.  The color is all in my heart.

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  1. Our kids grow up too fast. I'm so glad you had for REAL Face Time. <3
    Keep that "color" all up in your heart. :D