Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Greatest Mountain

Saturday, September 1, 2012:

... Katahdin.  That's what it means in the language of the Penobscot/Abenaki.  And today I got a view of her in all her magnificence - clearly the greatest mountain one can see from the summit of neighboring White Cap Mountain.  And one could see forever today - such a crystal clear day!

Spread out in front of Katahdin is the vast lowland where you could practically see the entire remaining 70 miles of the AT.

The views from White Cap were panoramic.  I could see the twin points of the Bigelows off to the south, and such an array of large magnificent lakes all about - too many to try to identify.

But White Cap was the only spot where I had views today.  I hiked over Hay Mountain and its summit is all wooded.  By the way, Hay Mountain ought to be renamed 'Pennsylvania Mountain', because the entire hike over it, from base to summit on both sides, is on trail strewn thickly with PA-style small pointy rocks - very annoying walking!

Hay is on the south side of White Cap.  On the north side of it I hiked as far as Big Boardman Mountain (the darker hill in front of Katahdin in the above photo), which included crossing the East Branch of the Pleasant River (just a rock hop).  That was fairly easy, level trail for the most part.  And as you can see from the photo, there really are no more serious mountains on the AT between White Cap and Katahdin - it may be fast going.

The thru-hikers I meet now all have 'Katahdin Fever'.  Some are so focused on finishing that they don't talk.  Others don't want the adventure to end and are finding ways to linger here or there and savor the final miles.  And I have to admit that after standing on White Cap and beholding all of the rest of my journey north, I have a bit of Katahdin fever myself.


This is the map of the route of today's hiking.  The title line is a link to more photos that can be viewed individually or in an automatic slide show:

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