Friday, September 21, 2012

Bath water

Friday, September 14, 2012:

Oh, to be able to just drop everything and linger here.  Oh, what a perfect, perfectly tempting, sinfully delicious day to be here at the beach.

I made the 425 mile drive here from Maryland between 1AM and 9:30AM today.  And I MUST leave within 24 hours, or I may never leave.  As the title suggests, the ocean water was like bath water, the surf gentle, the wind just a zephyr, the sky a million miles high and just as wide.

But I need to clench my jaw, and turn my back on the beach for a few more weeks - finish the 354.2 miles of AT I still need to hike.  And then I'm free to come back.  Come back and STAY!

Just a few chores to do here.  I'll be leaving early in the morning, and be back on the trail tomorrow, starting north from Daleville, where I started south way back in the dead of winter, on January 1st.

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