Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A day off

Barren Ledges seen from private access road, Bodfish Intervale
Tuesday, August 28, 2012:

I'll climb up there tomorrow.  Today it would have been dreary and wet after overnight rain and a threat of morning rain (which mostly didn't materialize).  It would have been sticky and humid and sweaty (the cold front that brought the rain was taking its time pushing in).  But my real reason for taking a 'zero' today was that my body needed it.  After the stressful 20 miles in the monsoon rains and hail and lightning on Sunday and yesterday's unexpectedly long (and typically difficult) 22 mile hike, it would have been too much to ask my body to climb that mountain and hike a minimum of 16 miles today (the minimum dictated by the logistics of coming road crossings).

So I slept and resupplied and generally did nothing of any note.

Tomorrow the air will be crisp and cool, the sky will be bright, and my propulsion system will be just as refreshed as the atmosphere.  I'm hoping for some great views from up there.  Stay tuned.

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