Sunday, June 3, 2012

A stroll along the Housatonic

Sunday, May 27, 2012: I've been looking forward to this ever since I noticed it on the map - a section of the Appalachian Trail that follows the river through a roadless stretch. It didn't disappoint. There have been other such sections on the map beside other rivers, but when you get there you find that the trail isn't close enough to the river to allow you to see it, let alone appreciate it. Not so today. Today the trail hugged the river's edge for several miles and I was in constant view of its restless, sometimes noisy currents.
On either end of this stroll there were some mountains to climb. On the south end, there was St. Johns Ledges - a seriously steep climb and rock scramble. It took me 20 minutes to negotiate that 1/8 mile bit of trail.
On this end there was also Caleb's Peak, with the nicest view of the day - this looking South along the Housatonic valley.

On the north end I climbed and descended Silver Hill, with barely a view at all - just a little spot at the summit where you could see the woods on a nearby ridge to the west.

I made my turn-around just beyond Guinea Creek and headed back to stroll along the Housatonic once more.  Where the trail isn't accompanying the river, there's a bit of a meadow walk with some serious clover for company.
The weather was delightful for a river stroll. There were gentle breezes and it was a bit cooler and less humid than yesterday -- too hot to comfortably hike the typical Appalachian Trail ups and downs, but great for this easy, level stroll ... back 'home' in time for dinner.


Below is a map of today's hike - and somehow yesterday's hike is included also.  I must have failed to clear it from my GPS.  Only the part with the little red 'push pins' covers today's hike.  The title line is a link that takes you to a slide show with lots of additional photos.

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