Friday, June 8, 2012

Some real mountains again

Friday, June 1, 2012:

It started with Bear Mountain, yesterday, in Connecticut, as I fondly bade farewell to that state. And it got serious today with two mountains, Race Mountain and Mt. Everett (which I have renamed Mt. Eggplant - more on that tomorrow). We're talking the highest elevations the trail has achieved (northbound) since Shenandoah National Park. Nothing over 3000 feet yet ... we'll have to wait for Mt. Greylock in a few days for that. But there were some significant climbs today - throw in Jug End and there was almost no easy trail in today's 8.2 miles (that's 16.4 traversed both ways).

Race Mountain, at 2372 feet, had the best views - a long walk beside this gnarly escarpment. Below is the view of Twin Lakes from on top.
Then there was Mt. Everett, the highest of the day,at 2602 feet. The views here were scarce, but here's a look back at Race Mountain from the south side slopes of Mt. Everett.
And as for Jug End, well it featured a great view north and east. You can see Mt. Greylock poking up in the distance. And it featured the most uncompromisingly tough trail - sections of sloping bedrock with few footholds, which were bad enough when dry, but would be downright treacherous in wet weather.

Haven't shown a good tree photo for a while.  I've got two today.  The first is a little guy who lives right smack-dab in the middle of the trail and gets stepped on just about every day.  You can see the scars on his squat little trunk.  Yet this little pitch pine hugs the rock within a stone's throw of the summit of Race Mountain and seems to be thriving.

Then there's this pitch pine - probably the unlikeliest subject on which to try to paint a white blaze.  It turned out pretty crooked:

Tomorrow it's back to some lowland walking again, getting across the Housatonic Valley and passing by the large, welcoming AT official Trail Community of Great Barrington.

That's good. My legs could use a rest after today. And you know I like variety in my hiking. Can't wait!


Now here's the GPS track delineating today's hike.  The title line is a link to many more photos:

AT Day 139 - Race Mountain at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Massachusetts

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