Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Every Appalachian Trail long distance hiker knows, or quickly learns, this acronym: All You Can Eat!!!

One of the favorite subjects for discussion on long trail days is food - specifically fantasizing about what you're going to eat on the next visit to town.

Well, with a few days off the trail to take care of business (including taxes - I'm due a refund! Yay!), there was also time to connect with my kids for a little R&R in the Baltimore Inner Harbor ...

... and for a little upscale AYCE action. And I mean upscale. As part of a belated birthday celebration for El, we went to Fogo de Chao, an all you can eat Brazilian Steak House. Like strolling minstrels, there are waiters circulating among the tables with skewers of hot, fresh, succulent meats of a dozen different varieties. No getting up to go to the buffet - the food comes to you on demand. Needless to say we all got stuffed - giddy stuffed. Laughing and joking all the way back to the parking garage even though the only 'drink and drug' involved were ice water and beef.

A really enjoyable day. Thanks, kids.

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