Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wash Out

Thursday, August 16, 2012:

Today I got all my clothes wet.  Fortunately I did it in this Laundromat ... because otherwise I would have well-and-truly done it on the trail.  It rained non-stop from sunrise until nearly sunset, and I just couldn't bring myself to head out into that deluge - according to the radar data, the place where I was going to hike got between 2 and 2.5 inches of rain.  Some places nearby got half a foot - a true wash-out.

So it became a day off.  I went back to Rangeley where I had noted this little laundromat out in the country three miles from town.  Just look at it ... 'Cute as a Button',  'Neat as a Pin', 'Clean as a Whistle', 'Quiet as a Mouse'.  I had the place all to myself.  It was as immaculately clean and fresh on the inside as it looks from the outside.  Every machine was in working order.  The floors, sink, bathroom and lounge area were spotless.  What a cozy little place!

Besides getting a clean wardrobe, I bought some groceries, ate as much as I could (trying to get my weight back up to my target of 153 pounds for the first time in more than a week), and spent abundant amounts of time just resting or napping to the sound of the rain pattering on my roof.

So I'll go into tomorrow well rested and refreshed.  There's yet another threat of rain tomorrow afternoon and evening.  But this time it's a cold front that ought to put an end to the tropical, rainy weather pattern we've been having here, and perhaps bring in a touch of fall.  Best of all, it should bring an end to the constant daily battle with damp trail and fog that I seem to have been dealing with ever since I got into Maine.  Let's hope ...

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