Saturday, July 7, 2012

Y is for Yonder

Saturday, June 30, 2012:

Yonder lie the White Mountains:

This is the view from 'The Lookout', a privately owned cottage with a rickety observation platform on the leaky roof.  Though I missed the views from Killington, I'm betting this panoramic spot is just as good.  Yippee!  Makes me want to cup my hands to my mouth and Yodel my little heart out.

It was a beautiful morning for taking in the scenery.  It got a bit hot in the afternoon, but there was a cooling breeze, especially on the ridge tops.  Besides "The Lookout" I spent time on the ridge top at Dan's View (whatever view there might have been here is now totally grown shut) and Dana Hill, where a high meadow at the summit offered a nice scene, if not so far-reaching:

Almost all of the trail today was smooth, though there was a fair amount of elevation change.  I managed almost ten new miles of trail, and have now surpassed a number-fancier's benchmark.  I've now hiked 1000 miles *more* trail than the northbound AT thru-hikers I meet have hiked to this point.  They have done just over 1700 miles from Springer to today's venue.  I've now finished 2700 miles of the 4368.4 I need to do.

Will I be able to finish the rest?  On a delightful day like today, the answer seems beyond questioning:
Y is for Yes!


Below is a map of the hike described above.  The title line is a link to all the rest of the photos I thought worthy of sharing today.

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