Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scenes around Lyme-Dorchester Rd

Thursday, July 5, 2012:

The logistics of my peculiar way of hiking the trail required me to either take a huge, long day, or a very short one today.  Logic, and my body both spoke for the short day.  It was all in the vicinity of Lyme-Dorchester Road, which has two parking areas along it, a couple miles apart.

I went back up to Holt's Ledge and captured a couple more nice scenes:

And there were a bunch of unique trail markers, all along a two mile stretch of trail that is a recent addition, connecting older Dartmouth Outing Club trails.  This section has no name other than the Appalachian Trail, and so it seems a concentrated locus for AT-specific work.  This granite pillar, in particular, took no small expense and effort to create and install.  The others just show that elusive quality I call 'character'.

With an early finish today I got plenty of rest - ready and eager to tackle tomorrow.


Here's a map of the hike and an elevation profile:

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