Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lewes, DE and Ocean City, MD hikes

The Ocean City Boardwalk at about 7th Street.  It runs from the inlet to 27th--a length of just under 2 1/2 miles.

Wrapping up two weeks based in South Bethany Beach, I hiked a bit more of the American Discovery Trail through Lewes, DE and starting west from there, and I hiked the length of Ocean City MD's beaches and its 2.45 mile boardwalk.

Lewes is a quaint old town with crafty/touristy shops in its downtown and a Fisherman's Wharf where the main north-south street through town crosses over the Lewes-and-Rehoboth Canal. 

It is that north-south street, Savannah Street, that the American Discovery Trail follows as it leaves the Delaware Bay shore and begins its long westward course.  I hiked only about five miles of that, but hope to return another time for more.

On the other end of my complete Delaware Beaches hike, reported elsewhere, I extended my walk through all of Ocean City, MD to the inlet.  Ocean City features a 2.45 mile boardwalk, and as I walked it on a warm early fall morning most of the shops were open and offering deep end-of-season discounts.  A typical scene is shown up top.

Ocean City is commercially developed along its entire length.  If there is a vacant oceanfront lot, I didn't see it.  The buildings fronting the boardwalk are roughly equally divided between various commercial establishments such as restaurants and shops and places to stay--hotels and rental condos.  There is always plenty of activity, with people renting bikes seemingly at every corner and even a horse drawn carriage for hire.

Between 94th Street and 118th Street there is a continuous row of massive high rise condos and hotels.  These monoliths seemed to loom over the beach on the cloudy hazy day I passed them.

Other than that, I don't have much to show or to talk about.  The American Discovery Trail is a road walk west of Lewes on flat ground that was once farmland but is now increasingly being developed into residential neighborhoods, and Ocean City presents endless beaches lined with multi-unit dwellings.  Let's just say that if you're looking for a single family home on or near the beach, Ocean City isn't your bag.

Below are maps of the two venues reported in this post, with links to more photos.

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