Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Heart of Vilas Trail at the Heart of Leaf-peeping season

It's 44 miles of paved bike trail passing a number of lakes and marshes, four quaint towns, and loads of north woods forest. 

Vilas County, Wisconsin has been a popular tourist destination for generations.  It's where I spent summer vacations as a kid.  It's a gem. 

This report covers the three days I took to hike the greater part of this bike trail.  Here are the three maps:

The photos above cover the big picture of the scenery.  I'll add a few of the details, and then I'm done.  I don't need to say much.  I loved the trail, the weather, and obviously the sights.

Fellow hiker pauses to appreciate the same dew-bejeweled leaf that caught *my* eye.
Autumn leaf-change means a riot of color, but this was a first for me--a shrub that turns truly blue.
Roof-top garden

Great place to be, great time to be there.  Thanks, Vilas County.

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