Monday, September 11, 2017

Farewell to Lake Superior

Although I will get a few glimpses of it again in Porcupine Mountain Wilderness and on a road walk in far western Michigan, after today I'm headed inland for an extended period of rugged and remote hiking.

These last looks at the greatest of the Great Lakes came on either side of Little Presque Isle, shown in a beach view from the west above and from the closest mainland approach at the point below.

And since I'm already missing walking along the water, here's a shot or two from east of the island

The east had some picturesque rocky shoreline.

And then came one last beach, with one last look back at Little Presque Isle.

The rest of the day was away from the lake.  We'll have to get used to it.  For entertainment there were strong splashes of fall color,

Hat number 71 pointed out a half decent vista from the suddenly rugged and rocky landscape.  These glacier-smoothed exposed granite 'mounds' are all too familiar to hikers of the Appalachian Trail in New England.

And there were a couple more nice micro-landscapes featuring members of the fungus family.

Finally, back near Marquette the trail followed the Dead River and offered this nice view of what I'm calling the Dead Marshes.  Can you tell?  I'm a Tolkien fan. 

Okay, *really* finally, here's the GPS track for today's hike in interactive mode.  Zoom in for more detail on the meandering route.

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