Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Best of the Cloister's Magical Valley

I've taken dozens of videos all around the remote undeveloped valley in which the Cloister at Three Creeks sits, but this video focuses on its most outstanding feature--a world class waterfall, or series of cascades, dropping roughly 400 feet off the east side of Virginia's rugged Blue Ridge Mountains.

The terrain is so steep and rocky that the best parts of this waterfall are virtually never visited.

Yesterday, March 21st, I climbed up to a rock outcrop with a clear view of the entire set of cascades--a view you can't get at any other place, nor during most of the year. This is by far the best time for this view, when the sun is bright and high, but before the trees begin to leaf out.

The video starts with the view from this rock outcrop, and then takes you on a bottom-to-top tour of the cascades. The tour videos were taken either on November 17th and 18th of last year during the time of leaves changing color, or, in two cases, on July 19th when the succulent wineberries were at their sweet, juicy peak of production. Why wineberries? What do they have to do with the waterfall? Check it out.

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