Monday, September 2, 2019

Iowa's best Day Hike - The High Trestle Bridge

Colorado or Bust, Day 64:

I had been anticipating this for days.  I had a perfect day.  My first view of the High Trestle Bridge came from the highway as I headed for the Madrid Trailhead.

The bridge has no real name.  That seems odd.  Many famous bridges are named to honor somebody; others are named for the location, the town or body of water they cross.  This one is just named for its structure.  Interesting.

The bridge is not only a day hike destination, but one for night hiking as well.  Every evening you can walk the bridge in the eerie blue light of its iconic art work:

So now, without further yapping on my part,  let me present a photo tour:

I just learned from Butch Niebuhr, American Discovery Trail's Iowa Coordinator, Board member, (Former Perry City manager and Viet Nam Vet), that the High Trestle Trail is officially an alternate route for the ADT.  There's even a sign at the Woodward Trailhead:

Everybody's in.  And that's as it should be.  A hike across Iowa would just not be complete without including this crown jewel of the Rails-to-Trails movement.

Here's the GPS track of today's hike.  Not one I'll soon forget.

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