Thursday, September 5, 2019

As the trails dwindle, the road goes ever on ...

Iowa is all about corn.  It's everywhere.  Bumper crop, so to speak.

Colorado or Bust, days 65 through 69:

Among the last trails that I'll hike in Iowa are the Raccoon River Valley Trail, about a dozen miles worth, and three miles of Riverside Trail and Whiterock Conservancy trail in Coon Rapids  The rest of this report is about what I saw along the roads between and beyond.

Here's the Raccoon River itself, as seen from said trail:

The Riverside Trail actually follows said river much more closely:

But otherwise I was on my own, entertaining myself with paint cracks and puff balls, country churches, rutted 'class B' (limited maintenance) roads, and just plain old litter:

Sometimes Iowa vistas can be boring.  But not always.  Grass can be fascinating, as can corn (as shown up top), and soybeans and sunflowers:

Beyond Coon Rapids I've chosen to diverge from the American Discovery Trail and the Great American Rail Trail, both of which make a big sweeping, arc SW to Omaha and Lincoln and then back north.  I'm choosing the more direct route.  I'm not much of a fan of cities.

Here are the GPS Tracks for the five days covered in this report:

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