Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Benton MacKaye Trail gets creative through private land

"Florida or Bust" - Day 6

New Construction of high-buck mountaintop homes puts the BMT in several front yards.  Trail follows the wood chips.

Let's make this quick and simple.  Today's hike included two lakeside walks, two non-historic covered bridges, a boardwalk, a standing stone, a real hiker shelter, a quaint little chapel in the woods beside one of the lakes, and a trailside picnic table where the trail follows a stream with several small waterfalls.

It was a wonderful stroll.  And it was all on private land and on public roads.  I got lost once on top of a mountain among a confusion of twisting roads and new construction, but the trail was there -- I found the one piece I missed on the return leg.  I hiked from US 76 generally west over a couple of ridges and through residential and rental-cottage neighborhoods that felt crowded despite the deep shady woods.  But there were also some secluded stream-side walks too.  Then the day ended with a 2.5 mile road walk up to Bushy Head Gap.

The shelter was within sight of a house perched on a hill, but it was clearly a labor of love -

And it came complete with a register book.  So I left a note.

Okay, so here is a photo-tour of the rest of the highlights I mentioned:

Little covered bridge with its own separate walkway for the trail.
Indian Rock
The lake near Indian Rock
Boardwalk with steps down to a second lake
The second lake
Little chapel right on the second lake
The chapel wasn't locked
The road walk

Lastly, here's the map of the day's trek, as recorded on my trusty GPS:

BMT - US 76 to Bushy Head Gap at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find trail maps for California and beyond

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