Friday, February 6, 2015

Eden's Womb - Book II: Lonely Lessons

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Somewhere out there, the Gods prepare a place for us to be.
More than a prayer, beyond despair, just close your eyes and see:

We’re queen and king of anything, if only we believe.
It’s written far beyond the Star: that place of our reprieve.

Our faith and love will rise above the daily gloom and dread.
For who we are is perfect par for what we’ll find ahead.

There is a place, where face to face, the water meets the sky—
Where hearts soar free in jubilee, where hope takes wing to fly.

These broken hands can mend the lands: the time we’ve waited for—
Man’s final peace, triumph, release! We’re meant for so much more.

So keep the faith when slith’ring wraith advances through the winds:
She knows that place. Hold on and brace—the epic ride begins …

—adapted from “There’s a place for us” sung by Carrie Underwood, 2010



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