Monday, April 29, 2013

Appalachian Trail monogram art - Part 4 of 7

Paint on ground embedded stone along Schuylkill River, Port Clinton, PA

Part 4 of this journey along the Appalachian Trail features another eleven of my favorite versions of the iconic AT logo/monogram as interpreted in various media by local artists and seen right along the trail.

Etched in 1934 granite Shanaman memorial stone near Showers' Steps, PA
Old Chain Saw marking on log end below Camp Creek Bald, TN
Marker on White Blaze, Grayson Highlands Park, VA
Paint on rock, rocky trail just N of Knife Edge, PA
On pamphlet box, High Street and Gulf Rd., Dalton, MA
Timber Logo with signs, parking entrance US 201, Caratunk, ME
Private driveway AT follows beside Mass. Ave., yard with pretty garden, N. Adams, MA
Privy door, Glen Brook Shelter, MA
Register Box at NY/NJ state line
Register Box, Harmon Hill, VT

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