Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Appalachian Trail monogram art - Part 2 of 7

Life size free standing monogram made of 4x4 lumber, Grafton Notch, ME

Continuing the journey with eleven more of my favorites, highlighting the various media on which the iconic AT monogram/logo appears along the trail.

One of many AT Conservancy membership stickers, on vehicle at Hot Springs, NC
Stripped birch bark near Jones Meadow, TN
Trail marker with duct tape, Brink Rd. Shelter Trail jct, NJ
Student art, fired clay tile, kiosk, VT 12 near Woodstock, VT
Survey marker, property corner just N of PA Turnpike crossing, Cumberland Valley PA
Detail, hiker's walking stick, City Mural, Duncannon, PA
On fallen log, somewhere in SW VA
Fourteen foot trail marker, built by yours truly, near Street Gap, TN
Detail from the George Noble bronze plaque, Unicoi Gap, GA
Naturally polished 1938 vintage plank, edge of sleeping surface, Deer Park Shelter, NC

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  1. Cool pics:) I hiked part of the trail in Virginia, but I'd like to do the whole thing someday:)