Thursday, May 2, 2013

Appalachian Trail monogram art - Part 5 of 7

Official AT Ridgerunner patch.  This one happens to belong to Georgia  Ridgerunner Rhea Patrick.

Here's another installment from my photo collection of AT logos/monograms inspired by the Sarah Jones poster.  This installment features a couple of official versions of the logo and one whimsical and ephemeral natural logo that takes a little imagination to see.  Enjoy.

Hatchet job on birch, S of NJ County 519, High Point State Park
Made with wood molding on Register Box.  Scott Farm AT work center, Cumberland Valley, PA
Chain saw work on mossy log end S of Newfound Gap, Smoky Mtn. Park NC/TN
Seasonal art, Bears Den Hostel, Northern VA
Second Floor railing, Ed Garvey Shelter, MD
Huge official ATC logo on work van, Scott Farm work center, PA
Self-made trail art, Standing Indian Mountain, NC
Granite sidewalk paver, one of about 30 through downtown Hot Springs, NC
Trail marker Stake at NJ 94 crossing near Pochuck Swamp and Wawayanda Mtn.
Sun playing tricks with stubs of sticks on fallen spruce, S of Newfound Gap, NC/TN

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