Friday, April 26, 2013

Appalachian Trail monogram art - Part 3 of 7

Paint on cut log, Lower S slopes, Bemis Mtn, ME

Here come eleven more of my favorite AT monogram 'signatures' along the trail, featuring a wide variety of sizes, shapes and media.  There's even one here that is totally nature-made that I found on a rock right on the trail in (where else?) Pennsylvania.  Enjoy.

Detail of sign in front of Scott Farm, ATC work center, Cumberland Valley, PA
Stitching on ball cap, purchased in Duncannon, PA
Hole punched metal plate, N gate of Zoo, Bear Mountain Park, NY

Naturally occurring rock monogram right on the AT, quartz veins, near Ashfield Rd, PA
Hollow tree with stick, my work, near Thayer Brook, CT
Galvanized metal plate, rusting, pine pitch stained, near US 201, Caratunk, ME
Decorative welding on steel, painted register box, Dan's Pulpit, PA
Official ATC Trail community sign, Franklin, NC
Common plastic trail marker, weathered and battered, Garenflo Gap, NC
Etched and painted on trail register box, beside NY 301

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