Friday, April 21, 2017

Thirty-One consecutive sunrises, week two

Sunrise of April 5th, which I shared with another two legged onlooker

Sunrises seemed to come in matched pairs during this seven day period.  The headline shot above came on the second day of the week, and it was sandwiched between two mostly cloudy mornings where the sun didn't make a direct appearance.  Fortunately the sky still held some interest.

Bands of retreating clouds around sunrise on the morning of April 4th.  It got sunny later in the day.
Roving bands of clouds obscured sunrise on April 6th.  It didn't rain, but the morning was persistently cloudy. 

The following two days had almost identical appearing sunrises.  I've already posted the one for April 8th.  Here's April 7th's sunrise.  The sky was completely clear except for this scattering of very low cumulus clouds out over the Gulf Stream where the cool air met the warmest of the water.

Fortunately there were some other beach oddities to keep my interest on these two days.

Portuguese Man-o-War.  I found several beached on the morning of April 7th after the stormy onshore winds of the day before.  These are not considered jellyfish but are a colony of cooperating organisms that, like jellyfish, have a very nasty sting.
A Black Skimmer. The color of its translucent bill and bright legs was enhanced by the early morning orange sunlight on April 8th.  Lower mandible of the beak is much longer than the upper because this bird skims the surface of the water with it as it flies, scouring the surface for small fish, insects, crustaceans, and mollusks.

Finally, April 9th and 10th featured bright orange sunrises. and for both of them my best shot happened right at the moment of sunrise.  What's more, on both days I was in the vicinity of the New River Inlet channel entrance buoy.

So to provide a distinction between these last two days I grabbed one final shoreline shot, taken in the dawn glow before sunrise on April 9th.

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