Thursday, January 21, 2016

Olustee, fog and sun

"Key West or Bust" - Day 92 and 93

A couple of short days - four miles each day - centered on the Olustee Battlefield.  It was flat pine forest hiking, mostly in plantations - trees of uniform age - with a road walk along US 90 thrown in, so there wasn't much to photograph or to talk about.  Day 92 was foggy, and the misty air highlighted the hundreds of bowl-and-doily webs in the shrubbery alongside the trail, which was on a forest road here.

On the Olustee Battlefield property there was a handicapped accessible trail called the Nice Wander Trail that the Florida Trail shared.  Here's the boardwalk section.

The next day was sunny, but otherwise the scenery was more of the same.

And so it went.  Here's the map of the two hikes, with the photos geo-tagged.

Olustee Battlefield and Experimental Forest at EveryTrail
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