Sunday, May 12, 2013

Appalachian Trail monogram art - Part 7 of 7

Reflector sign near Taconic State Parkway underpass, NY (near RPH shelter)

... and the winner is:
In this last installment sampling the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of the Appalachian Trail's monogram, I'm posting my choice for number one favorite:  It's the stained glass panel hanging on the inside of the front door of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's Mid-Atlantic Regional Office at Boiling Springs, PA:

And here are the rest of the chosen examples:
Large logo, note water bottle, done by me, Doe Knob, Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
Detail on bronze plaque, Thistle Hill Shelter, VT
Tie-dye t-shirt on sale at Bluff Mountain Outfitters, Hot Springs, NC.
Unique wood trail marker, 1 mile S of PA 183
Detail of Virginia's AT license plate seen at trailhead parking lot, PA 183.
Very old chain saw mark on log end, near summit of Bluff Mountain, NC/TN
Ballpoint pen work, cover of Windsor Furnace Shelter trail register, PA
Privy door, Kay Wood Shelter, MA
Felt marker, on Yellow Springs Village (ghost town) trail register cover, PA

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