Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Hiking and talking: Intentions, Paths to Salvation

Jesus, as he likely appeared, based on a 2001 reconstruction by forensic anthropologist Richard Neave, for a 2001 BBC documentary.  Jesus offered men salvation through his sacrifice on the cross.  The key to the path to salvation that he taught, however has nothing to do with that act of sacrifice.  Salvation is gained only through yielding oneself and one's selfish desires (i.e. to trust entirely in Jesus and his 'father', The Lord God Yahweh).  This path is a universal one, spoken of by many diverse faith traditions, because the key that opens the gateway is the yielding to selflessness.  It is not the Master who teaches the path, or any attribute of the path.  It is an act of parting such physical concepts - sort of the way Moses parted the Red Sea - moving them all to the side, and going beyond.  Let the journey begin.

I explore some of these thoughts here.  

A peaceful path deep in the woods is the setting.  What does Salvation and Eternal Life mean and how do we achieve it?

One great way to come closer to the ideal of spiritual cleansing and connection with God/The Universe/That higher power is through the Pilgrimage. A trail in the woods, any trail, can be a pilgrimage path if you come to it with that intention in your mind and heart. It does not have to be a massive undertaking such as the Islamic Hajj or a trans-continental trek across Europe on the Way of St. James. You can find the joy and peace of that transcendent connection even on a day hike.

So here is some low-key exploring of paths.  The words ramble as my feet ramble down the trail.  Where do they lead?  Well, maybe, just maybe, by leaving aside the physical conceptions of things, you come upon, miraculously, your deeper connection to them all.

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