Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Unlocking Nature's Code--the secret message in plain sight

Here’s the short version of this post: Nature’s Code is our DNA. It is the first language. It carries God’s oldest, most fundamental message; so it is the true ‘bible’. In order to live right—to find happiness, wellness, and peace—we must learn to ‘listen to our bodies.’ People call it instinct, or intuition. It is more than that. It’s about getting in sync with God’s real, physical essence, etched in a four-letter language at the core of every single cell in our bodies.

This page, along with the Paradox tab, and the Great Stream tab, is where I “go deep”, delving into what I believe—the basis of my ‘religion’ or more accurately, the way I try to live and interact with my world.

In simplest terms, ‘Nature’s Code’ is our DNA, and for me it is the practical manifestation of God. That complex message, written using just four simple letters, defines us, guides us, and makes us who we are. It is always there, providing the ‘instinct’ that we use to respond to our surroundings, and so it is the single greatest influence on our lives. Isn’t that the role God is meant to play?

Yet we modern humans often deny our instincts, forcing our lives in unnatural directions. More than any other living thing, we have tuned out our genetic guidance, drifting away from the strong currents that make up the course of true, long-term success. We think too much. We use our minds to drown out the deeper, older messages that nature has put in place to guide us down the right channel in that ever-shifting river of life.

But our DNA isn’t going away. It is there, waiting patiently. Its message is constantly, quietly, trying to influence us to follow the right course. Other ways of saying this same thing have been expressed by many of our established religions. The Christian God wants us to find salvation. The Buddha wants to show us the way out of suffering. The very word “Islam” is an appeal to still our thoughts and submit to the message of God, to surrender ourselves (our busy, self-centered minds) in order to find the course to joy, wellness, love, and happiness—the 'Way of the Great Stream'.

Throughout history human messengers have been inspired to spread the word (Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, etc.).  The similarity of themes in their messages demonstrates a common origin.  Their inspiration comes from what Judeo-Christians call the "Holy Spirit"the very real strength, confidence, and positivity that we feel when we are ‘on course’, living or conveying a message we know is true, important, and helpful to those around us.  I find it useful to personalize that Spirit.  I call her Dalle, from the French and old Norse roots meaning ‘channel’—the strongest currents in the eternal Great Stream of Life.  Dalle’s voice becomes ours when we heed God’s message.  Dalle’s currents flow strongest when we are following the Way of the Great Stream through life.  She is like a megaphone—an amplifier—giving greater strength to every word we speak, every action we take, when it is in tune with the deep-seated message of our DNA.

We all know this to be true. We’ve all felt the surge of strength and sense of well-being that comes from doing right, from pursuing a cause larger than ourselves.

Most significantly, to me, is that nothing I’ve said so far requires one shred of supernatural influence. DNA is a text that is more complete than any science book, more powerful than any religious volume, and more influential than the greatest inspirational speech ever delivered. Reading this text is not optional. We all do it all the time. It is what makes our hearts pump and our lungs draw in the fresh air. But its message holds so much more for us. Our DNA contains 1000 times more content than the Judeo-Christian bible—three billion letters vs. a bit over three million. Imagine, knowing all the mysteries that scholars explore as they interpret the bible, how much richer our lives can be if we devote more of our energies toward personally interpreting that great book written at the very core of each and every cell in our bodies.

Let the work begin. May you find the Way of the Great Stream; may your days be filled with the peace, joy, and wisdom of Dalle.

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