Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The story behind Eden's Womb novel, just released on Amazon.

There are many ways to tell a story. Oral traditions are the oldest and still the best--with the listener an integral part of the experience, and acting as the 'recording device'. Modern story telling has taken full advantage of advances in technology, to the point of Virtual Reality and the interactive experiences of Video games, particularly the role-playing ones where the player participates in creating the story. The leap to the real world, and the stories we tell ourselves and others is not a big one. Think of politicians and religious leaders as your 'Dungeon Masters' vying for your confidence in their ability to define and oversee your reality to greater or lesser degree.

The novel, Eden's Womb, is written as a transcription of the 'ultimate' story, told to mankind by the wisest, most ancient and advanced alien beings in our universe. And it's not what you think. This is hard sci-fi, taking advantage of everything we know about physics and extrapolating it into speculative realms that adhere to the rule that they have been shown to be possible (and what is possible HAS happened somewhere at some time).

At the same time, Eden's Womb is just a fun and rousing tale of an epic quest to save the world. The protagonist, Adam Timberfell, is sent on this quest by a newly arrived 'spirit being' who is no supernatural entity, but the physical embodiment of the universe itself. Adam's travels bring him to discover the nature of this hidden physics and science as he also encounters the unexpected purpose behind his world--our reality. These highly advanced aliens are actually in charge.

The story is long - 55 to 60 years in the making.  Much more on the background and philosophy underlying the story is compiled at this link.  The entire 650,000 words can be purchased as a single fine-print book of 780 pages, or as an eBook, see link above.  The 'read sample' button on the eBook sales page provides a very generous preview--almost all of Book One!  Please have a look.

Each of the seven individual titles can also be purchased separately in larger print. Below are the covers, first the front and back of the full 780-page novel in one volume, then the seven separate titles.  Each have links to the (US) sales page.

Return of Naja: Eden's Womb, Book I: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859178520: Books

Lonely Lessons: Eden's Womb: Book II: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859362004: Books

The Copper Curse: Eden's Womb: Book III: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859391066: Books

Three Crosses: Eden's Womb: Book IV: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859396177: Books

The Preserve: Eden's Womb: Book V: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859401598: Books

Through Heaven's Gate: Eden's Womb: Book VI: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859405633: Books

The Navel of Time: Eden's Womb: Book VII: Wetzel, P.J.: 9798859415526: Books

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