Monday, April 18, 2016

Rocksylvania redux

"Hither to Yon" - Day 2

The Appalachian Trail through Pennsylvania is famous for its rocky footing.  It's a favorite pastime of hikers to 'dis' the state because of its boring rocky trail with few views.  The experience of Pennsylvania's relentless rocky trail is etched deep in my AT memories, and they're not the fondest.  I had expected I'd probably never experience that again.  Then I decided to hike the Tuscarora Trail

Well, I quickly discovered that the AT has no monopoly on Pennsylvania's rocks.  Today on the Tuscarora Trail I endured many a gauntlet of relentless ankle busting footing.  The longest stretch was a mile and a half.  After having hiked flat smooth surfaces for months through southern Florida, my body wasn't ready for this, and by the end of a fourteen mile day I was spent.

But wait.  There were some great views.

It was sunny and cool, frosty in the morning, but up toward 60F in the afternoon, so despite the rocks I was happy to be high on the ridge of Tuscarora Mountain with nothing but the nesting buzzards and the leafless trees.  I passed two buzzard couples and this great trail tree, surely the shaggiest Shagbark Hickory anywhere.

Here's the GPS track and the Elevation profile for today

And here is the EveryTrail map with links to many more photos - both rocks and views.

Tuscarora Mtn, Tuscarora Trail at EveryTrail
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