Segment 9: Arizona

Canyon view from March 1973 looking west from just above the junction where the Fifty Trail leaves the Kaibab Trail/Arizona Trail and turns east following the Tonto Trail.

Total Length: 793.5 miles


The Fifty Trail route across Arizona starts at the Northern Terminus of the Arizona National Scenic Trail and follows that south through the Grand Canyon past Phantom Ranch, crosses the river and climbs part way up the south side to the Tonto Trail junction within Grand Canyon, Arizona Trail mile 694.8.

Here the Fifty Trail departs from the Arizona Trail for a fuller immersion in the canyon (see the “Heart of” description below), and then returns to the Arizona Trail at Mile 668 at Grandview Trailhead near the south rim.

From there to AZ Trail mile 226.1 in Putnam wash at a windmill and water tank, The Fifty Trail and the Arizona Trail split and the Fifty Trail continues eastbound to follow the Grand Enchantment Trail to the New Mexico Border.


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National Geographic Trails Illustrated map 261 – Grand Canyon North and South Rims – for the ‘Heart of’ excursion through the Canyon


Grand Canyon, full emersion. Starting at the south Rim, descend via the New Hance Trail, follow Tonto Trail west to ‘The Tipoff’—intersection with Kaibab Trail (and Arizona Trail), then follow Arizona Trail to the North Kaibab Trailhead. (54.1 miles rim to rim.)


6527.7 – Northern Terminus of Arizona Trail at State Line Campground, Utah/Arizona border. Arizona Trail mile 788.2 Head southbound on Arizona Trail.

6621.1 – (add 93.4) The Tipoff—junction with the Tonto Trail. Arizona Trail mile 694.8. Turn left onto Tonto Trail. The trail will remain between the 3600 and 3900 foot contours for the next 27 miles.

6623.4 – (add 2.3) Cremation Creek. Continue on Tonto Trail.

6626.9 – (add 3.5) Lonetree Canyon. Continue on Tonto Trail.

6635.6 – (add 8.7) Grapevine Creek. Continue on Tonto Trail.

6641.1 – (add 5.5) Cottonwood Creek. Junction with tril up to Horseshoe Mesa campsite, which heads upstream. Bear left and continue on Tonto Trail following roughly a constant elevation contour.

6642.6 – (add 1.5) Trail Junction with another trail that climbs up to Horseshoe Mesa. Stay left and continue on Tonto Trail.

6645.5 – (add 2.9) Junction with Page Spring trail which also climbs up to Horseshoe Mesa. Again stay left to continue on Tonto Trail. Trail follows the 3900 foot contour for about three more miles and then begins to descend gradually toward the river.

6651.9 – (add 6.4) Hance Rapids at the point where Red Canyon wash empties into the Colorado River. Turn right and follow the wash upstream away from the river, which is the course of the New Hance Trail. Stay right where the washes divide and a white colored wash exits left after about 1.2 miles.

6653.7 – (add 1.8) Leave the bed of the Red Canyon Wash climbing up the left bank and continuing on the New Hance Trail.

6656.6 – (add 2.9) Trail returns to the Red Canyon valley in its upper reaches bearling left at a fork near the canyon head and then switching back steeply up to the Grand Canyon Rim

6658.6 – (add 2.0) Desert View Drive, Arizona 64. Turn right and follow the highway southwestward.

6661.4– (add 2.8) Turn left onto Coconino Rim Road

6662.7 – (add 1.3) Grandview Lookout Tower parking and trailhead. Rejoin the Arizona Trail at the 668.0 mile mark, turning left into the parking area in front of the tower and then exit the back of parking lot to the right. Follow Arizona Trail southbound.

7104.6 – (add 441.9) Putnam Wash, Arizona Trail mile 226.1. The Grand Enchantment Trail continues east down the wash where the Arizona Trail turns right to pass a windmill and water tanks. Follow the Grand Enchantment Trail east.

7112.7 – (add 8.1) Arizona Highway 77, start of Grand Enchantment Trail section 6.

7124.6 – (add 11.9) Aravaipa Road. Start of GET section 7.

7137.4 – (add 12.8) Aravaipa Canyon Road. Start of GET section 8.

7173.4 – (add 36.0) Klondike Road. Start of GET section 9.

7183.2 – (add 9.8) Hurricane Pass Trail. Start of GET section 10.

7209.1 – (add 25.9) Ash Creek Trail. Start of GET section 11.

7221.9 – (add 12.8) Town of Safford. Start of GET section 12.

7243.8 – (add 21.9) Safford-Morenci Trail. Start of GET section 13.

7259.6 – (add 15.8) Eagle Creek Road. Start of GET section 14.

7283.5 – (add 23.9) Town of Granville. Start of GET section 15.

7295.2 – (add 11.7) Juan Miller Road. Start of GET section 16.

7307.5– (add 12.3) Mud Springs Canyon. Start of GET section 17.

7321.2 – (add 13.7) New Mexico border. End of Arizona segment. Continue on Grand Enchantment Trail, section 18.

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