Segment 5: Oregon

Crater Lake from the Fifty Trail route along the West Rim.  National Park Service photo.

Total Length: 451.6 miles


The Fifty Trail follows the Pacific Crest Trail across all of Oregon. Leaving Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River it takes the popular Eagle Creek alternate route (15.6 miles) instead of the main PCT. The other exception to the PCT route is in the vicinity of Crater Lake, where the fragrant long-distance hiker is not routed around the lake with no views of it, but is encouraged to mingle with the perfumed tourists and Rim Drive motorists by hiking the foot trails along the western rim of the lake.


Pacific Crest Trail maps and guidebooks:


Bridge of the Gods at the Columbia River via the Eagle Creek alternate route to Indian Springs then on past the west flanks of Mt. Adams and on to Barlow Pass Trailhead near Oregon Highway 35, where the Oregon National Historic Trail crosses the Pacific Crest Trail. (51.5 miles)


3,846.6 – Bridge of the Gods, Columbia River. Oregon state line. PCT mile 2146.9. Beginning of Oregon segment. Continue south on Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail using the Eagle Creek alternate route to Indian Springs.

Mount Washington from Big Lake. PCT crosses through the foreground woods. Big Lake is accessible from near Campsite CS 1994 via a short side trail. USFS photo.

4000.2 – The Mile 4000 waymark: Campsite CS 1994, water supply from Cold Water Spring, with the above view of Mount Washington, an old glacier-eroded volcano whose central lava tube makes an impressive spire.

4,298.2 – Trail register at California-Oregon state line. PCT mile 1691.7. End of Oregon Segment.

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