Segment 47: Massachusetts

Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower atop Mt. Greylock


Continuing on the Massachusetts Mid-State Trail from Mass. Highway 9, the Fifty Trail route proceeds northward to the Trailhead on Mass. 12 near Ashburnham then follows highways westward to the northern terminus trailhead of the New England Trail on Mass. 32 near the New Hampshire border.

The New England Trail proceeds south to the Connecticut River at Northampton. Here there is a discontinuity in the New England Trail requiring a road walk through Northampton. Coming out of Northampton the Fifty Trail does not return to the New England Trail, but proceeds westward via roads to return to the Appalachian Trail at the Goose Pond Road parking area just south of Upper Goose Pond Cabin and the footbridge over the Mass. Turnpike.

Here begins a long segment following the Appalachian Trail through New England. Highlights in Massachusetts include excellent views at Cheshire Cobbles and the Massachusetts High Point, Mount Greylock (accessible by car).


Massachusetts Mid-State Trail:

New England Trail:

Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts:


Best of the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts, Goose Pond Road to the Vermont border. (50.8 miles)

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