Segment 45: Connecticut

Housatonic River from the Appalachian Trail just below historic 1842 Bull’s Covered Bridge


The Fifty Trail enters Connecticut on the Appalachian Trail and follows it for 36.7 miles, leaving it just before the bridge over the Housatonic at Falls River. A short side trip across the bridge leads to the Great Falls of the Housatonic. The Connecticut AT is distinctive because of the walk beside this big, noisy river.

At Falls River the Fifty Trail makes a road walk southeastward to pick up the New England National Scenic Trail between Bristol and New Britain. The Fifty Trail follows the route of the New England Trail north to the Massachusetts border. A road walk from there, once again toward the southeast, brings the Fifty Trail to the route of the East Coast Greenway near Manchester.

The East Coast Greenway is a partially complete north-south non-motorized paved bicycle trail running from Maine to Florida, and its route coincides with the Fifty Trail to the Rhode Island border.


New England Trail:

East Coast Greenway in Connecticut:


New England National Scenic Trail from CT 372, New Britain to Rising Corner at the Mass/CT border.

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